Carpooling Steps


Step 1

Driver Navigation

  Hitch Drivers enter their travel directions into our maps to navigate their way to their destination. Hitch drivers will then have the option to provide a ride on their way to their end destination

Step 2

Carpool Grouping

Passengers search for a ride with drivers offering their car for carpooling services to save money while heading in the same direction 

Step 3

Pick Up 

Once the passenger and the driver both accept the ride sharing service, the driver will pick up the passenger at the designated location

Step 4

We Monitor Your Ride

We keep track of your ride throughout the whole trip. For added safety while carpooling, choose to have the ride audio recorded.
We do everything we can to ensure you arrive safely and on time

Step 5

End Of The Road

You have successfully used Hitch to carpool and been dropped off to your end destination, while hopefully making a new friend!
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