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We need drivers just like you!

For a limited time, Hitch is offering all new Aussie drivers virtually ZERO fees for the life of owning your Hitch Account! 

Let us rephrase that, virtually 100% of the profit goes into your pocket, we would normally retain 22 - 29 % depending on the distance of the ride, but for the first 1000 sign ups there are no fees!

We are pretty much giving you a license to print money!!!

There are 3 catches... with your premium account, you must complete a minimum of 12 average (100km per ride) ride shares per year using the account. Why 12, well we believe in helping the planet and the community and the first 1000 drivers will help us pave the way for real change. If every registered car just completed 12 shares carpooling per annum we can reduce Co2 emissions from transport in Australia by approximately 20%.

There is a limit to one account and driver per person or entity, as this a community offer not a corporate incentive, and we hope to help as many individuals as we can.

The last catch is that there is a sign up fee of $1000 BUT the good news is that its not due for 3 months until we launch our app on 30th of August 2018!!! 

We also whipped out our calculator and found that if you provide 

approximatley 20 rides you would have payed off the sign up fee, and for life you are set!

We are also giving you the opportunity to have your say about what you want in a ride sharing platform, so you may be contacted personally by our customer service team.

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