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Zero fees for life!!!

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Zero fees for life!!!

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Smart zoning ensures you always have passengers while we grow! 

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Hitch doesn't just eat into driver profit, instead we offset our profit from advertising to passengers. 

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Your foundation account is 100% transferable so you have full flexibility and freedom to move as life changes.  

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Wish you could make more money for less time?


You put in the hours, you buy the vehicle – so why should you have to give up 30% of your money too?


At Hitch, we believe drivers deserve better; become a Foundation Driver and you’ll keep what you make for LIFE!


How do we do this, it’s simple, virtually all profits are passed on to you, our Foundation Drivers, the only exception is the transaction cost. Hitch doesn’t just eat into driver profit. Instead, Hitch makes profit from advertising to passengers, which helps keep the ride cost low, and driver profit high, all done to provide you, with an edge over the competition. 

Don’t miss out, and be one of the first 50 Drivers in your area to pledge today, that are free from fees for life!!! This means you’ll make 25 – 30% more profit, than with traditional ride sharing platforms.

Just so we’re clear, where $1000 was earnt before, $1300 is earnt with Hitch. 

Best of all, you can enjoy Hitch risk free, as your Foundation Driver account is 100% transferable.

So put your trust in Australian… Make a pledge, and reclaim your freedom NOW!

Zero fees for life!!!


We do this by capping active drivers by location. This way we don't need as many passengers as other ride sharing companies, as we limit the number of "driver sign ups" ensuring we only have quality drivers and passengers.

Smart zone is designed to give you the maximum amount of passengers in a given area without having to compete with other drivers due to overloading.


Find out if your area is available, by registering and make your pledge to secure your foundation driver account.

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Smart zone is our way of ensuring drivers always have passengers while we grow.

Zero fees for life!!!

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Driver Requirements

Vehicle Requirements

  • Car must be in excellent working condition and serviced within the last 3 months

  • Vehicle can be no older than 10 years of age unless specified (certain models exempt)

  • Vehicle must be able to pass a safety inspection check

  • No more than 5% cosmetic body damage 

  • Provide vehicle make and model

  • The car you intend to drive must be registered in Australia and have a current Green slip (CTP each state may vary)

  • Must be at least 21 years of age 

  • Must hold a full and valid driver licence in your state or territory

  • Must have had Australian driver licence for at least 12 months

  • Must have full comprehensive insurance for the car you will be driving ​

  • Passport or birth certificate

  • Proof of vehicle insurance 

  • Application for a Passenger Transport License

  • Criminal History Check

Future requirements may include advanced driver training or other forms of training/checks that cannot be specified at this time.

Other Terms and Conditions may apply.

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